Female Friendly is not just a slogan.
Let us exceed your expectations.

DCH Oxnard Group, and all 27 DCH Auto Group dealerships in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and California understand that when it comes to buying, leasing or servicing their cars, men and women quite often have different priorities and expectations.

At our award-winning car dealership, we provide experiences that take these differences into account.  The goal of our sales and service professionals is to give you the experience and satisfaction you want and deserve and each of our sales and service team members knows the importance of exceeding our customer's expectations.  For example, we give you all of the information you need to make an educated decision and allow you the time you want for these important decisions. We'll show you all of your options and provide whatever level of assistance you want in order to make the decision that is right for you.  We're not here to sell you just any car; we're here to help you buy a car? the one that's best for you and your driving needs.  It's how we treat every customer that visits our dealerships.  We call it The DCH Way.

Our promise to you, The DCH Way, will make you feel welcome in a pleasant and relaxed  atmosphere.  We will treat you with respect, ensuring that your time with us is productive and that you are confident that the decisions you make regarding your automotive needs are the right decisions.  And when you leave DCH Oxnard Group, we want you to feel enthused about your decision to visit a DCH dealership.  That's why DCH stands for "Delivering Customer Happiness®".

Read what customers have to say about their experience at DCH Oxnard Group.  Women and men alike have taken time to write to us about their experience.  We're not saying we're perfect ? but we try, and if we fail to Deliver Customer Happiness, we want to know why. Part of our promise to you is that we listen, and we strive to correct any deficiencies in our ability to deliver excellence.

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